What I Believe in:

  • PURPOSE: A strong purpose can be a synergistic multiplier of the customer experience and employee engagement.
  • BUSINESS: Businesses can create a more just, sustainable and flourishing world, as a core part of their strategy in growing their bottom line. There is increasingly a correlation between brands that create Meaning and their ability to profit.  
  • PEOPLE: There are fundamental human values: to be part of a generative community, to contribute, to be valued for who you are - that will always create value for people. The better we understand the roots of what is valuable to people, the better we will be at designing meaningful experiences.
  • TECHNOLOGY - We are living in an era where technology is increasingly the soil with new value is planted in. With great power comes great responsibility. Let us never stop asking why.

About me:
I am an experience designer living in Copenhagen, Denmark. My work spans from facilitating strategy development sessions for the worlds biggest design award, Design INDEX, to leading a year long project with a team of international experts to design transformational experiences for those struggling with stress. My background is in management consulting, sustainability and business design. I love writing and have landed multiple grants for innovation projects. I am passionate about the frontiers of organizational value creation, and a nerd about the philosophy, psychology, sociology, and physiology of the human experience. It is a great passion of my mine to host dinner parties, and I always give loved ones experiences instead of physical presents (you should too, if you want your gifts to make people happy).


andy at andysontag.com

+45 5290 0787